All shinto priests are graded according to his experience and skills .
You can see it on their skirt.

Purple priest: upper grade / cool !!

Green priest : he needs training more years / Keep it up !!

If you see light purple priest, he is super. Super priests are very few in Japan. Less than 100 .

Gamo Ujisato : charismatic feudal lord in Japan . Christian soldier.

He has several symbolic helmets. But one of his celebrated helmet in japanese history is missing.
Many years ago his helmet was found in Italy . But cause of the value of the helmet (very high), the helmet was sold again somewhere over sea. The Helmet has been missing again.

Date Masamune type.
Date is famous samurai in Japan .

His helmet is maybe most famous and popular in Japan .

The moon on the helmet means immortality. Moon is symbol of rebirth.

" Date Otoko " the japanese word means " cool guy" "fashionable man" is from his name Date Masamune.

Soldier’s helmet in 10-11 century Japan .

Many rivets are on the helmet. It’s 11century style. It is called “Hoshigata”. Means “star rivets”

April to May , we japanese buy Samurai helmet for small boys to wish their future.
So you can see many helmets on Amazon Japan in April !!

Soldier’s helmet in 12-13century Japan .

You can see radial line on the head. This is the style in 13century.

From April to early May, we japanese put like this Samurai helmet in small boys room to wish he will get strong spirit as a male.

So in springtime, you can see many helmet in Yahoo shopping in Japan!!