Empty house in my town.

5rooms at 1st floor
4 rooms at 2nd floor
2bath room , 1 kitchen

300m2 , no garage

Many of like this houses are empty in my town.
Nobody want live in like this big old house today.

Average price 150000-180000 US$.
If you rent like this house . It will be 300-400 US$ per month in my town.

Almost half price of 150m2 New house.

Nobody want big old house. It takes cost for maintenance . Tax is also one reason.

13% of houses are empty in Japan.
In 30years, 40% of houses will be vacant.

One of the big problem we face.

Bokusui. Japanese poet 1885-1928.

One of the most famous his Tanka
wit his handwriting

- How many mountains
How many rivers
You have over

To reach the place in this country
Where no sadness

I am walking over
Even today -

Bokusui . 1885 - 1928.
Tanka poet born in Miyazaki Japan

The last photo of him. At the last traveling in 1928

And his handwriting


- Lonely life
In heaven
and earth

If there is no light
In the existence -

Statue of 90th emperor Kameyama
In Hakozaki-gu

He is known as play boy. Had many wife and kids.

Also known as buddhist monk.
He worked as faith healer in Japan-Mongol empire war in 13th century.

This shrine Hakozaki-gu still hold the talisman which emperor Kameyama used in the war.

Fukuoka Japan